“Share a Coke” or ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

share a cokeHave you ever played that game when you give someone two choices like chocolate or vanilla, Burger King or McDonalds, Coke or Pepsi, and they have to choose their favorite of the two? In the 80s I remember taking the Pepsi Challenge and hands down choosing Coke. We all have food preferences or brand allegiances and most of us stay loyal to the brands that treat us well. Something quite drastic would have to happen to jump from vanilla to chocolate or vice versa.

In recent days, it has become quite clear how powerful the world of social media has become. This summer, Coke launched its Share-a-Coke Campaign in North America to get customers excited about a personalized beverage that they could take a photo of and share through social media. Upon arriving home from my summer vacation, my husband and I were presented with personalized Coke bottles with our names prominently featured from a co-worker. Continue reading