Less is More

I love art. For the past decade, I have volunteered in my children’s classrooms to teach art each month. No matter what grade level I visit, for some reason, kids can’t seem to understand the idea that “less is more.” Filling in every empty space on the paper is typical. Adding unnecessary extra steps to the process… common. Trying to train 5-12 year olds to be deliberate on what they place on their paper and to stop before overcomplicating is an ongoing challenge.

I recently overhauled my office, taking out all unnecessary furniture, folders and objects. Of course, with less stuff comes more productivity. However, even with a clean and simplified work space, I find it just as difficult to retrain my clients on this lesson of “less is more.” And frankly, I can sometimes regress and get caught up in their web of messages as well.

Simplicity and impact go hand-in-hand. Whether you are writing a news release, creating a presentation, crafting a blog or developing a pitch… remember to KISS (Keep It Simple  St_ _ _ _)!

One thing my little artists have taught me: be very careful what words you say!

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