Our Story

In 1996, Eye-To-Eye Communications Founder Cathy Sperrazzo created a full-service, communications and marketing firm with the experience, expertise and impact to rival many large PR firms.

Our Story

She carefully chose the best communications professionals from around the nation to meet the challenging needs of technology start-ups looking to break into new markets, as well as mid- and large-sized companies looking to capture market share and expand internationally. This seasoned team of storytellers, marketers and business development professionals propelled Eye-To-Eye to be named one of the Top 25 PR Firms in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal 14 times.

In 1999, Cathy recruited her husband to join Eye-To-Eye after he had managed Iomega’s $600 million Zip drive business. The company moved to San Diego and quickly expanded during a time when many businesses were looking to launch and grow their online presence.

Eye-To-Eye Communications’ clients span many industries at all stages, including start-ups, venture-backed and publicly-held companies looking to launch new products or services, drive sales, increase awareness, attract investment and extend their brand. Through successful exit strategies, two of our clients were acquired for a combined $244 million. We also help non-profits with strategic positioning and visibility to help them fundraise and promote their services.

After gaining a broad understanding of your business goals, competition, market perceptions and existing communication tools, we develop a focused strategy tailored to meet your business objectives. We leverage our industry relationships and 30+ years of experience to fuel media coverage, develop strong promotional materials and videos to begin telling your story in the most compelling way.

our name

The name Eye-To-Eye Communications was derived from the founder’s maiden name, “Quattrocchi,” which means “four eyes” in Italian. During her college study abroad program at the Loyola Rome Center, one of Cathy’s philosophy professors informed her that the name “Quattrocchi” dated back to the feudal system when messengers were sworn to secrecy and asked to deliver special communications from one kingdom to the next. They went by horse to hand deliver these messages “eye-to-eye” and, upon completion of the task, they were honored with the name “Quattrocchi.”

When she heard this story, the idea of a communications company name was imprinted in her mind and on her heart. Three decades later, she is living her dream of having a marketing and communications company called Eye-To-Eye and, more importantly, her team has helped more than 100 companies spread their message throughout the world.