we understand our client’s business needs and aspirations

Our clients are never shrugged off to a junior player, because we only have seasoned staff members. Our size allows us to give our clients the undivided attention and total customer satisfaction they deserve. We believe our passion, expertise and focus on results are the driving force and reason for our success to date.

We Understand Our Clients' Needs
seasoned team: each team member has at least 25+ years of experience.
accountability: we document and measure our progress with detailed reports of activities and results.
tenacity: we are relentless in finding creative ways to make our clients’ news relevant for different media outlets and are persistent in our follow-up efforts.
cost-effective: our low overhead allows us to charge a fraction of what other medium-to-large agencies charge, while providing superior service and results.
key relationships: we have built strong relationships with industry analysts and media influencers for print, online, social, TV and radio.
precise messaging: we create and implement solid messaging based on extensive interview and research.
integrated team: we become members of our clients’ staff and operate with the highest degree of integrity.