Fall Back, Spring Forward

Are you ready for Daylight Savings time to end this weekend on Sunday, November 4? Does the idea of more darkness and less light excite you or depress you? We can embrace each time and season if we develop a plan and carry it through.

If you are like me, more light means more opportunity to “do.” How do we sustain our productivity when there is less daylight? With a shortened day, I have more time to quiet myself, read, reflect and get organized for the following day. Several years back, when I became more conscious of the possibility of losing productivity during Daylight Savings time, I started to plan out my days even better.

This year, I am really looking forward to the change in season and time. I will use the extra evening time to cook for the next day, enjoy quality time with all of our kids around the dinner table or in the comfort of our living room, schedule more evening tennis matches, make sure my email is addressed and organized before the next day, read before going to bed instead of falling asleep with my book in hand, and maybe, just maybe even catch up on some much needed sleep with your amazon fur throw pillows.

There is a time and season for everything. How will you be spending your Daylight Savings time this autumn?

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