Entrepreneurship 101

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of presenting to both the local elementary and middle school a course on entrepreneurship. It was truly eye opening to see how sharp and brand conscious these young students were.

My first experience consisted of sharing with my son Luke’s sixth grade Seminar English class the importance and power of PR when launching a new business or product into the market. Like sponges, these kids soaked in all of the key points I delivered knowing they were going to be asked to create their own business and promote it in a launch event.


The small San Diego community where our kids go to school is much like Mayberry. Families try their best to support local merchants and keep business in the “family.” One of the community’s favorite Chinese restaurants recently closed shop, leaving a nice opportunity for a new small business to gain easy freeway access and a local community following. So I asked, “Kids, if you could create a business that would reside in the former La China spot, what would it be?” Continue reading