Fall Back, Spring Forward

Are you ready for Daylight Savings time to end this weekend on Sunday, November 4? Does the idea of more darkness and less light excite you or depress you? We can embrace each time and season if we develop a plan and carry it through.

If you are like me, more light means more opportunity to “do.” How do we sustain our productivity when there is less daylight? Continue reading

Stretching & Straightening

“Straight” is one of those words that can have so many different contexts and meanings. Some take offense to the word, while in other contexts, it is an ideal to strive for. My daughter, who has a 17-degree curve in her back, recently went to a new physical therapist who examined her and developed a comprehensive exercise and stretching plan to help her standing posture. While watching my daughter practice her new exercises, I began to think about a bigger lesson in stretching and straightening up. Continue reading

Attention Grabbers: Sign Spinners and the Power of the Balloon

signI’ve always wondered what the success rate of a sign spinner is. Have you ever stopped to check out something because a sign spinner directed you there? I know I always notice them, but the question is, does anyone ever stop?

That leads me to the same question about balloons. I’ve recently noticed a new trend in real estate signs being accompanied by big colorful balloons. I notice them everywhere now. But, just because I notice them doesn’t mean they are actually getting people to redirect into the real estate office. Continue reading

Brilliance In A Box

I hate to say it, but this weekend I finally made my move from the PC/Android world to the heaven known as Apple. I purchased an iPhone4S.

Don’t get me wrong. The first computer I ever bought was a Mac. Back in 1989, I bought a used Macintosh for $1,000. Remember those small box-shaped computers that revolutionized the world of PCs as we know it? I loved my Mac, working my first job out of college. I was part of a hip community that was on fire to change the world.

It was short lived, when I started getting free PC products working for one of the largest computer product distributors in the world. While our marketing department ran their offense using Macintosh computers, the rest of our company were PC users, including me. Continue reading

Customer Satisfaction at its Finest

“It’s a pedometer. It shows when you’ve gone the extra mile to satisfy a customer!”

I was helping a client write a blog about patient satisfaction in healthcare and it got me thinking. As a PR professional, what are the things that my clients expect from our firm? Then I started thinking about my own expectations of some of the vendors I work with to provide superior service levels to my clients.

In my 25 years of working in PR, there are just a handful of experiences that truly stand out in terms of people that have gone the extra mile to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. The first was a rep from PR Newswire who was trying to win my business when I was handling PR and IR for a large public corporation who had a history of doing business with the leading newswire service at the time, BusinessWire. Continue reading

Heather Broeker

“Not only are their PR services excellent, but Eye-to-Eye goes above and beyond anything that would normally be expected of a PR agency. They want their clients to succeed and it is this passion that truly makes them shine.”

Heather Broeker

Director of Marketing, Children In Film, Inc.

Amelia Devine


“Excellent company to work with… Eye-to-Eye Communications provided us with a great PR plan that still fit within our tight non-profit budget. They not only created an intelligent plan for our organization, but also helped us implement it easily.”

Amelia Devine

PR Manager, FreshStart Surgical Gifts

Suzanne Gallagher

“Eye-to-Eye Communications was extremely valuable in helping us drive our corporate positioning in the market and educating the industry on our value proposition. From building analyst and editorial relationships to writing strong case studies that promote our successes, Eye-to-Eye takes an intelligent, articulate approach to helping us increase our coverage and brand ourselves with customers and industry influencers.”

Suzanne Gallagher

SVP of Marketing, Incentra Solutions, Inc.

cathy sperrazzo

cathy sperrazzo | managing partner

Cathy Sperrazzo

Cathy Sperrazzo founded Eye-To-Eye Communications in 1996 after holding various management positions in marketing and communications. With 30+ years of high-tech public relations experience, Ms. Sperrazzo has consulted communications professionals and corporate executives at more than 90 different private and public companies of all sizes. As the former Director of Corporate Communications for Merisel, Inc., a $6 billion worldwide computer products distributor, she was instrumental in developing the company’s investor relations program which included award-winning annual reports, and a merger communications program that received national recognition in Fortune Magazine. She has received numerous awards and recognition for excellence in her field from PRSA, the Publicity Club of Los Angeles, The Bureau of business Practices, Loyola Marymount University and Financial World Magazine. Ms. Sperrazzo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University.

john sperrazzo

john sperrazzo | managing partner

John Sperrazzo

With more than 25 years of hi-tech marketing experience, John Sperrazzo has held positions in product management, product marketing, business development, sales and communications. He has also helped many non-profit organizations with multi-million dollar capital campaigns to build and expand their presence and services. Prior to joining Eye-To-Eye Communications in 1999, Mr. Sperrazzo managed Iomega’s $600 million aftermarket Zip drive product line. He also served as Co-Founder and Senior Business Development Manager for Iomega Corporation’s “Beyond PC” business division, where he successfully extended the Zip® drive product line into non-PC product categories such a printers, scanners, set-top boxes and audio devices, earning the Iomega national recognition in BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal. Prior to Iomega, Mr. Sperrazzo worked in product management at Dell Computer Corporation and as Manager of Internal Communications for $6 billion global computer products distributor Merisel, Inc. Mr. Sperrazzo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of San Diego and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has received awards from the Publicity Club of Los Angeles and the PRSA.